Hall of Fame Inductee at Holyrood High School

I have recently had the honour to be induced into the Hall of Fame at Holyrood RC High School in Edinburgh:

Holyrood High School’s over 220 bright former S1 students had —following the innovative idea of their Head of Mathematics, Mr Keith Edwards— decided to study living Scottish mathematicians rather than ancient ones like their curriculum suggests. In groups, they chose their favourite mathematician at each of six Scottish universities and presented the life and work of ‘their’ mathematician to their fellow students.

I was more than honoured to hear that you, the now S2 students of Holyrood, had chosen me to enter your Hall of Fame — but meeting you all in person and presenting to you on 21 September 2017 was even more of a highlight! The same applies to the extremely capable Higher and Advanced Higher students, who I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with. Never forget to follow your passions and to reach for the stars, as Mrs Legrix and Mr Edwards have advised you to! The rest will fall into place naturally. 🙂

Meeting inspiring people like the students and teachers at Holyrood is maybe the most memorable part of a public outreach event, which is why I am going to finish with a big “THANK YOU!” and the wonderful advice Mr Edwards gave his students to conclude my talk:

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