My Teaching

(For an overview, please also consider my CV.)

This year I was excited to be have been appointed to teach at St Leonards Senior School in my role as the Research Assistant for the Theory of Knowledge course the final year IB students take. I designed the course content for the 5 formal presentations and 3 tutorials myself with the aim to give the pupils at St Leonards an insight into academic research and to explore with them how we know what we know is true, in particular with regards to mathematics and science, during the lectures and tutorials.

A summary of my experiences as a Research Assistant are published here.

In previous semesters I have taught first year undergraduate tutorials (MT1002).

I further teach the CAPOD-funded course Understanding: Key Skills in Applied Maths together with Fiona Macfarlane. Fiona and I have designed the curriculum together and look forward to teaching interested students how to derive mathematical models from biological phenomena such as population dynamics and infectious diseases.
Here you can read more about the Academic Skills in Maths and Stats project.

Finally, I have been helping out in the Tutoring & Demonstrating in the Sciences: An introduction session run by CAPOD a few times a year since completing the course myself by leading sessions, during which new PhD students can discuss any questions or concerns they have about tutoring.