Silver Badge at StAndEngaged Public Outreach Awards 2018

StAndEngaged Public Outreach Awards 2018 were announced as part of the Public Engagement Conference of the University of St Andrews on Friday the 26th October. I feel honoured to have been nominated and awarded a silver badge as I truly enjoy public outreach work and see it as an integral part of my research.


I was highly inspired both by the conference speakers and the around 20 award nominees. Submitted outreach projects included:

  • an opera with a focus on light effects that resulted from a local collaboration between musicians and a researcher in astronomy;
  • the Geobus project, which is a mobile educational outreach project that has supported earth science learning in over 208 schools in the UK to date;
  • a project by a researcher in the humanities who observed the interaction between humans and wolves daily for 8 weeks…

The researchers at the University of St Andrews are full original of outreach ideas and it was lovely to see that there is a growing support structure by StAndEngaged and CAPOD for those of us who enjoy communicating our research to a general audience.