STEM for BRITAIN Finalist in Parliament

In March 2019 I was invited to present my Mathematical Modelling Framework for Metastatic Spread in the House of Commons, Westminster as a finalist of the STEM for BRITAIN competition.


Apart from the science, I was particularly excited about the division bell ringing during the event to call all attending MPs – including the event’s host, who had to leave the stage during the ceremony – for the vote on the no-deal-Brexit. (Even better: The outcome of the vote suggests that my attempts at telepathy may have had some effect…)

The local newspaper from my hometown, Kieler Nachrichten, also published an article about the event:

KN_Artikel2019 (1)

I hope it inspires young Kieler Sprotten who enjoy mathematics and other STEM subjects to take their talent a step further to tackle the problems of the future! 😊 (Raising public awareness for how exciting and useful STEM research can be is my main reason for advertising this – I wish someone had told me this when I was back in high school. I found my calling more or less through a number of coincidences…)